vineri, 22 iulie 2011

Dolphins on the sea

E vara, e soare, e cald... asa ca ce model mergea mai bine pe unghiutele mele decat niste delfini sarind jucaus din apa?:D Va las cu pozele.

It's summer, there is sun, it's hot... so what model works better with my nails than some dolphins jumping happily in the water?:D I leave you with the pictures.

What I used:
1. Black acrylic colour
2. Blue (Leydi 722)
3. Turquoise (Leydi 720)
4. White (Leydi 741)
5. Blue (Chissa 11)
6. Blue (No name)

     Lady Butterfly

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  1. Wow,

    I really love you're designs!!
    I became a follower from you're blog...

    sorry for my bad English, it's not so very well.
    My blog is


  2. you're welcome..
    do you work with acrylic? ore do you make some designs on you're own nails? (you're natural nails?).

  3. Those are my natural nails. I use acrylic colour when I have to paint details that can't be painted with nail polish.

    By the way: Your designs are very pretty too :)

  4. ow i didn't know that... It doesn't damage you're natural nails i've you use acrylic colour??

    Those acrylic colour are that what you describes by what you have used?

    I ask this because I'm also working on natural nails, but I'm afraid I do break them with another type of paint instead of real nail polish

    Thank you i'm glad you like them :)

  5. Nossa que golfinho mais fofo...
    Eu amei, ficou muito cute...
    Lindo mesmo!

  6. @ Iris
    I'm not afraid, because they are not harmful. They are like watercolors, maybe a little solid, and they can be removed with water. So imagine what harm can they do to me?

  7. Thank you for you're information. You have been very helpful. :) Is there a special brand for the acrylic paint or is all acrylic paint good?

  8. You're welcome Iris! I don't know if there are acrylic colours JUST for nails .. The acrylic colour I use is good for painting on paper too. I bought them from a store with materials for painting. If you have such store in your town, I'm sure you'll find acrylic colours.

  9. Oke thank you very much i think i know i store where I can get acrylic colour. Thank you so much. xXx

  10. imi place efectul asta la nebunie cum l-ai facut?

    ai un tag la mine pe blog:*

  11. Uite asta e pedichiura pentru vacanta pe litoral! :D Super!

  12. @kory

    Multumesc! Am sa-l fac cat de curand :*

  13. @ Maria D

    Multumesc foarte mult Maria! >:D<

  14. This looks really amazing! One of my readers have been asking for a dolphin nail art. I will certainly lead her here! :)

  15. Foarte frumos modelul si culoarea.

  16. Ce frumoase sunnnt!!! Delfinii sunt asa draguti! :D

  17. Waw, dar cat este de fain. De nu stiu cate ori m-am uitat la el.
    Asta l-as vrea eu acum!!

  18. Havena ma bucur ca iti place. Vino o fuga pana la Vaslui si ti le fac :)):))