luni, 23 ianuarie 2012

Cute Blog Award

A very sweet blogger thinks that my blog is cute and send me this award! Thank you very much Minnie!

The rules of this award are...
1. Link back to the person who awarded you. Done!
2. Answer the award questions
3. Tell something about yourself that you haven't told anyone on your blog yet
4. Award as many blogs as you think are worthy of this award
5. Make sure to let those you gave this award to know that you awarded them.

The Award Questions:

1. What is your go to makeup product?
A mascara from Avon (Avon Spectra Lash) :D

2. What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?
Mmm...I don't have one.

3. What is your favorite dessert?
Homemade chocolate
4. Favourite color?
Pink and purple.

5. What is your middle name?
Elena ..:)))) hehehe
6. What was the last song that you listened to?

Lolita - Joli Garcon

7. Cats or dogs?

Something about myself that you don't know: 
I tickle at my knees :))) :">

I pass this award to...
and everybody who wants it!
     Lady Butterfly!

6 comentarii:

  1. Iti multumesc frumos pentru acest premiu!!! Mi-ai bucurat sufletul cu gestul tau. Voi onora cat de curand voi putea cadoul tau virtual. Mi-ai facut seara mai frumoasa!
    Te pup dulce si te imbratisez!

  2. Awwww :X Multumesc mult de tot! :*

  3. Multumesc mult ca te-ai gindit si la mine poop :) insa nu..fac acest gen de chestionare :( am mai primit si nu le-am facut..sper sa nu te superi pe are treaba cu tine..e o politica de a mea..:D

  4. Nu e absolut nici o problema, o sa stiu pe viitor. Pupici